4th October 2018, Waldorf Astoria

The invitation-only network for founders of

fast growing successes

Uniquely positioned, Fast Growth Icons delivers three pivotal benefits to attendees:

Inspirational insights from people that have recently built highly successful businesses, and learned the lessons the hard way.

A carefully-curated attendee list of founders with significant revenue and rapid revenue growth.

Practical tips and hands-on learning in founder-to-founder roundtable sessions.

“I haven’t found an event that provides such an intimate setting to talk with just founders and CEOs. I enjoyed the open communication and problem-solving. It was immensely helpful.”

Heather Blease, President & CEO, SaviLinx
Fast Growth Icons New York 2018

The event delivers quality insights and connections to people building amazing businesses to help them create the $100m+ revenue stars of the future.

We achieve this by carefully curating the speakers and admitting, by invitation-only, the founders and CEOs of the best established and fastest growing businesses in the region.

Three of the things that you need to deliver a
breakout success are motivation, knowledge, and knowing who to get help from at the right time. Fast Growth Icons helps by bringing together a carefully curated group of successful business leaders to share experiences and insights and to connect them to the people that can support their growth.

“The energy and discussions with successful entrepreneurs coming from all kinds of industries was a blessing. Everyone was in the stage of growth where they need to be really focused on execution and delivery without forgetting about the vision, the team, the competitors, etc. Felt good to see that we were not alone in the situation!”

Pascal Galacteros, Founder, Drust
Fast Growth Icons Paris 2018


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“I was really amazed by the quality of the event, and the discussions I had with other founders. Definitely worth the time; lots of thoughts and actions after the day.”

Guilhem Bertholet, CEO, Invox
Fast Growth Icons Paris 2018

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“It was a truly unique gathering of experienced and successful founders and CEOs, discussing the challenges of growing their business openly and honestly.”

Aurian de Maupeou, Co-Founder, Selectra
Fast Growth Icons Amsterdam 2017

Previous speakers

  • Steven Schuurman

    Co-Founder & CEO, Elastic


  • Todd DeLaughter

    CEO, Atomic Software

  • Markus Fuhrmann

    Founder, Dojo Madness & Delivery Hero

    Delivery Hero

  • Mark Vletter

    Founder, Voys

Fast Growth Icons in New York achieved a Net Promoter Score of 85.

95% of people attending the 2016 Amsterdam event rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’.